Fascinating Facts About Blue Jays

Here is what makes these amazing birds so unique. Blue Jays are native birds to North America. They can also be found in Canada and Central America. These birds are fascinating because they are mysterious and have qualities that are different from other types of birds. Even though there is a lot we do not know about them, there is still more to learn about their mysterious ways and unpredictable activity. Here are some interesting things about Blue Jays you may not know about. Blue Jays are not really blue When you look at Blue Jays, they have a blue and white hue. However, they are not really blue in colour. Their feathers contain a dark pigment, which is melanin. Their feathers appear to look blue because of a trick of the light. When the light hits their feathers, all the colours pass through except blue because of a special cell found in their feathers. Blue Jays' migration patterns are unpredictable One of the reasons researchers have been fascinated by Blue Jays is because they do not have a predictable migration pattern. All Blue Jays do not migrate during the winter. Even when they do, they do not go as a big group. Their migration pattern remains a mystery and researchers are still trying to unlock their secret. However, what is known is that these birds usually migrate during the daytime and can go as a group of just five birds or as many as 250. Male and female Blue Jays look similar Unlike other species, it can be difficult to differentiate a male Blue Jay from a female one. One way to tell them apart is by size. Males tend to be larger than females. Their courtship is another way to tell the difference. A female can be found surrounded by males who attempt to follow and mimic her moves. Blue Jays can live a long time The average lifespan of most small wild birds is usually between two to six years. However, Blue Jays are very different. They can live to be up to seven years old. The oldest one reportedly lived to be almost 26. Blue Jays tend to make a lot of noise Blue Jays are intelligent birds and love to chatter. They even can imitate the sounds of predators. What's more, they have range. They can make sweet-sounding chirps to really loud and disruptive squawks.