Fascinating Facts About Astronauts

Here are some interesting things to know about astronauts.

The work of astronauts has fascinated the world since it came into existence. Thanks to the internet, we get a glimpse into their lives and movies know how to glamorize what they do. But there is a lot more we do not get to see behind the scenes. The realities of getting ready for life in space and experiencing it are some things most of us cannot begin to comprehend. Here are some interesting things to know about astronauts.

1 There is no clear path to becoming an astronaut

While there are many things one needs to be knowledgeable about before becoming a real-life astronaut, there is no direct path to obtaining this job. Astronauts come from different fields. Candidates can be someone with an advanced degree or a military person with a stellar background. However, the bar to be qualified is set high. One has to have a master’s degree in a STEM field and have experience in 1000 hours of pilot-in-command time on a jet aircraft. Other than that, it is not very specific as space flight crews need to have a diverse set of skills.

 2 Training involves a range of programs

Once a candidate has been accepted into the astronaut program, the tough work of training begins to prepare them for spaceflight. They have to learn about the different types of space systems and vehicles. They also have to go through challenging physical training. A lot of it also has to do with being able to survive without getting any help.

3 Exercise is crucial

Exercising is crucial to keep an astronaut’s health in order. One’s body has to adjust to its new environment. Moving around without the force of gravity is a huge change. That is why resistance exercises must be part of daily life for an astronaut. It is also important to keep up one’s strength to be able to do emergency procedures when the time comes.

4 Most of their work is performed on earth

Most of the work performed by astronauts is done on our planet. They are either spending their time training or working on issues that are very technical. They also have to help others fly. As an astronaut, you have to be able to be put in the work on Earth before getting a chance to fly off into space.

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