Famous Breakfasts around India

It could be hot ghee laden paranthe with pickle, butter and curd, or PooriAaloobhaji to Pohe, Thepla, idlis, Apple, Dosa, uthappam, upma and CholeyBhature, to name a few. Let us take a look at some of the most popular Indian breakfasts in Indian households

Breakfast breaks up as breaking the fast after the long night to eat the first meal of the day. Nutritionists have stressed its importance as a meal that keeps you charged for the rest of the day. Every day, we get up in anticipation of a delicious first meal that is often stuffed into our mouths on our way to school, college or office. Due to the morning rush, we usually whip up the most comfortable or most accessible recipes to fill up our tummies until the mid-day break.

India is a land of various cultures, and we have more breakfast options than any other place in the world. But there is always a family’s favourite recipe. We shall not talk about the western imports like pasta, pizza, burger or cereals but some desi stuff from an Indian mom’s kitchen.


It is a staple breakfast for most North Indian kitchens and a tiffin staple for most nineties kids. Suppose you thought this whole wheat layered flatbread could be boring for us. In that case, it could be served as plain parantha with vegetable curry or stuffed with onions, potatoes, radish, cauliflower, greens like palak, methi or lentils and various other spices. And often, our innovative moms would add the leftover dals and veggies to the dough and made different paranthas for kids who wanted variety in their breakfast. Accept it or not, we love to dig into our favouriteparanthas on a lazy weekend, if not every day.


Originally a Maharashtrian street food, Pav-bhaji was developed as food when the Portuguese brought the art of baking bread with them to the western shores of India. Pav is the baked bread served with spicy curry made up of spices, and vegetables like potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peas etc. The Pav bread is shallow roasted on a pan with butter and served with a butter-laden curry with chopped shallots and a lemon wedge.

Idli, Dosa, Sambhar

The fermented rice and lentil batter is used to make yummy idlis or dosas, which are enjoyed by a tangy vegetable and lentil curry called Sambhar plus coconut chutney and red chutney. The famous south Indian tiffin is immensely popular in India and across the world, thanks to the Indian diaspora.

While there are innumerable Indian breakfast items on our list, some are worthy of mention. These are bread-pakora, Sindhi Koki, desi Chow-min with Manchurian balls, Tandoori Kulcha, Ravaidli/dosa, Cheela, Kulchechole, Poorihalwa choley and so on.

Are you feeling hungry? Let’s raid the kitchen!

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