Extreme sports that you must try if you are a brave heart

They are good to do if you have the stamina and courage Sports sure are the greatest thing to be doing for the well-being of body and mind, but there are a few spots that are extreme. The meaning of that is that there are sports that require a person to go deep levels of their strength and endurance while attempting them. A perfect fit for adventure junkies, extreme sports involves jumping from extreme heights or diving deep into the sea; there is no end to the list of extreme sports. Extreme sports fit well in increasing the adrenaline rush of those people always in the pursuit of thrill-seeking and, more often than not, dangerous levels of activities to do. So if you have the dedication, stamina, strength, and the nerves to do these, then gear up. Here is a list of such extreme sports to do. Base Jumping Though very similar to skydiving, instead of jumping out of an aeroplane with your safety net of a parachute, you jump freefall from high-up from the top of a fixed structure. This structure could be a building, antenna, span, or cliff, but that doesn't mean you jump straight onto the land. There definitely are going to be safety measures for the person being tied to a solid rope. Base jumping is considered one of the extreme sports as there are challenges such as being thrashed by the wind and more chances of injury. Ice Climbing Much like rock climbing, here one has to brave the extreme cold weather and climb the ice. This is an intense sport requiring a high level of agility, strength, and endurance. Unlike the rocky mountain, these watery ice mountains require the person to come with a lot of preparation – both mentally and physically. One not only has to summon upon the strength to climb but also endure the extreme cold weather. Cave Diving For those who love to be in and around the water, cave diving is your thing. If you are the one who is dying to explore and see the world under the water up close and front, then go cave diving. An unusual sport, you go deep under the water looking for caves and passing through them to see the life it comprises. Cave diving is the most adventurous form of exploration as, in the end, it awaits an incredible world different from the usual world. Other extreme sports are Highlining, BMX Racing, Creeking, Heli-Skiing, Big Wave Surfing, Cage of Death, Free Solo Climbing, Volcano Boarding, Wing Walking, Ironman Triathlon, Bungee Jumping, Canyoning,  Extreme Pogo, Freeflying, Freediving, Ice Climbing,  Ice Diving, Freestyle Scootering, Inline Skating, Kite Ice Skating, Kitesurfing, Land Windsurfing, Rallying, and Mountainboarding.