Encouragement for introverts: How to be happy when you don’t feel like people-ing

Here are a few happy tips for those with introverted tendencies or don’t feel like people-ing today, to enhance our happiness. If nothing satisfies you more than your peace of mind, your thoughts and a room all to yourself, you are the one who need some heart soothing too. Often introverts fail to accept their comfort zone and feel dejected when they don’t proactively involve in socializing, Introversion in dictionary terms means tendency to be more inwardly focused and less triggered by social interactions.But does not mean that introverts are unhappy. You just need to be honest to yourself and allow yourself permission to have it at a given time. Here are a few happy tips for those with introverted tendencies or don’t feel like people-ing today, to enhance our happiness. Embrace your Introvert strengths and tap into the happiness that it brings to you On understates the skills of introverts is they are better problem solver. They take time to introspect, observe around before coming with a viable solution. They exhibit stronger regulation of their behaviour and even perform better academically for their quiet nature. They are less likely to take risks. Learn to embrace these qualities and make the most of it. See your whole self and be more accepting of your nature  Within each of us lies some tendency to recharge us through things we enjoy, social interactions and affiliations with others. You might fall in between two extremes where you enjoy selective participation which means they prefer socializing and energy of a crowd and sometimes solitude is the right fit. Act the part of Extrovert once in a while and bring the spotlight on  studies say when introverts act like extroverts, jump into conversation, share an opinion or crack a joke they experience greater positive emotion. This doesnot make you inauthentic; just bring more of your real self on the table. Once you start socializing, connect in a ways that suits you like join an activity that you otherwise do alone, like joining a book club. The key here is to build confidence by taking small social risks first. Take little steps back to be by yourself Keep your eyes open for small moments. Favour outings with people you feel relaxed around. Skip stuff you don’t relate to. Be patient with making friends.  Know that you may not find close friends in every environment you enter. It is better to seek out one-on-one connections and if you find yourself in a group of new people, insert yourself as soon as possible.