Easy Methods to Increase Your Motorcycle's Performance

In 400 words, learn how you can immediately raise the performance of your stock motorcycle

In today’s generation, acquiring a powerful motorcycle is not a piece of cake since they reach the showrooms with substantial price-tags. For an individual with an average monthly earning, it is not viable to manage a motorcycle above the 300 or 400cc category. However, stock motorcycles with any engine can be modified to churn out more power and performance. Indeed, a bit of extra cash is required to carry out the exercise, but one can be assured that it’s cheaper than trying for a higher CC expensive motorcycle.

So, how do you squeeze out more strength and action from your existing motorcycle?

Lose some weight

Yes, losing some weight not merely helps a human move faster but a motorcycle too. By losing the weight of your motorcycle, you can increase the overall power to weight ratio of the motorcycle and therefore; it can run faster on the road. How to do it? Well, you can start by getting rid of numerous pieces such as the leg guard, saree guard, engine cowl, rear seat (if you have a split-seat), grab rails, rear foot pegs along with the frame and the mudguards on both ends. By excluding all these parts, your motorcycle will shred around 4-5 kg and it will ride quicker.

Play with the sprocket

This is an excellent trick or modification performed by all the famous stunt riders around the world. On any motorcycle, there is a front and a rear sprocket. To raise the acceleration of your motorcycle, install a larger rear sprocket with more teeth. In case, you are more interested in extracting out a better top speed; install a larger sprocket on the front. In short, a smaller front and larger rear sprocket will provide you with better acceleration, whereas a larger front and smaller rear sprocket will grant you a higher top speed.

Replace the air filter and exhaust system 

To generate higher power, your motorcycle needs to breathe better. With the addition of a performance air filter, your motorcycle will breathe better by burning some extra fuel and develop more power. Furthermore, the addition of a new sportier exhaust system can also increase the overall performance of your motorcycle.

Apart from these adjustments, you can also remap the engine control unit or re-tune the carburettor of your motorcycle. Last but not least, the addition of performance fuel filters and revising of the ignition system can deliver an adequate boost to your motorcycle.