Does having a super power mean the ability to jump and fly? List of animals that have gone beyond that

“The things that make us different, those are our superpowers”.

It is a preconceived notion that superpowers can be confined only to movies. It's not necessary that only super humans will always be appreciated. In this world full of diversity where from a small insect to a giant creature, everyone is having something unique in them, it is pretty evident to find creatures with some uniqueness. Some of them are so unique that it almost seems unreal and in this article we’ll focus on some of these creatures in the animal kingdom who are having some uniqueness, called superpowers. So, let’s look into them –

Axolotl, with the capacity for regeneration

One remarkable capacity which makes them most striking is their capability for regeneration. They seamlessly regrow their limbs as well as spinal cord, jaw, tail and even portions of the brain and that too without leaving any scar. They have extraordinary healing power which is better than any other creature in the animal kingdom. 

Basilisk Lizard, prefer running on water rather than swimming

Basilisk Lizards have special toes on their hind legs which consist of fringes of skin like scales that stretch out in the water. They continuously pump their legs and slap their feet while running on the water which creates small pockets of air to keep them floating. They are capable of covering long distances by running on water but at some point of time they need to get back to their swimming abilities.

Immortal Jellyfish, having the power to live forever

As the name can suggest very well that Immortal Jellyfish can be psychologically immortal as it has won the battle of aging and death. Their superpower is that they can reverse their life cycle after going to the stage of sexual maturity which means they can start again from an infantile stage. Though it’s their superpower, there is a loop which is that they can die easily before the stage of maturity. In most of the cases they become the prey in their sedentary age, before they transform into a polyp.

Finally, we can say that these superpowers are gentle reminders of the wonders that nature offers to us. It is a symbol of the extraordinary diversity around us that we should definitely appreciate and protect.