Delhi People, It’s Time to Get Rid of Your Old Diesel Vehicles

If you have a Delhi-registered diesel vehicle that is 10 years old or more, it is time for you to get rid of it

From 1 January 2022, any diesel vehicle that is 10 years old or more will not be allowed to move on the streets of Delhi. As per the Delhi transport department, all the diesel vehicles under the prescribed parameters will be deregistered. The decision that has been put into motion to comply with the orders of the National Green Tribunal.

What is the significance of this article?

If you are a resident of Delhi with a diesel vehicle that is 10 years old or more, you must know about this recent development. Not to forget, you are bound to comply. In case you are not a citizen of Delhi, but you have a vehicle that falls under the parameters, there is a way to use your vehicle in other states and cities.

What order was passed by the National Green Tribunal?

As per the National Green Tribunal, diesel vehicles that are older than 15 years will not receive a non-objection certificate (NOC). However, vehicles that are 10 years old or fall between 10 to 15 years can get a NOC and a reregistration in some other state or city. However, the NOC will be provided keeping in mind a state/city’s vehicular density.

What can Delhi residents do with their diesel vehicles? 

Apart from applying for a NOC and driving the vehicle in another city/state, Delhi residents can retrofit their vehicles with electric engines from agencies approved by the transport department. If an owner refuses to retrofit the electric powertrain, he or she will be left with only one option: scrap the vehicle. These are the only two options available for Delhi residents.

Official statement of a government official on the matter

Delhi’s transport minister Kailash Gahlot took to his Twitter account and wrote: Delhi is now open to ICE to electric retrofitting! Vehicles if found fit can convert their diesel to the electric engine, dept’ll empanel manufacturers of pure electric kit by approved testing agencies. Once empanelled, this’ll enable vehicles to continue plying here beyond 10 yrs.

For the unversed souls, what is the National Green Tribunal?

The National Green Tribunal is an act set up by the government of India in 2010 that deals with problems related to the environment. From depletion of forests to rise in pollution, it intervenes and chalks up different strategies to stop the environment from getting harmed.

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