Cyberquad: Tesla's Electric ATV for Kids

After introducing the Cybertruck to the world, Elon Musk owned company has introduced the Cyberquad; a fully electric ATV In 2019, Elon Musk owned company named Tesla unveiled its first-ever fully electric pickup truck by the name Cybertruck. Two years later, in 2021 December, Tesla unveiled the Cyberquad; an ATV made for kids that is fully electric. Priced at 1,900 US dollars (INR 1.43 lakh), the ATV for children is already sold out and the ATV is now out of stock. Why this article is newsworthy? Tesla is one of the unique companies in the world that is known for thinking out the box. After all, the brain of Elon Musk (Tesla’s owner) is not an average human brain. The owner and his company aim to provide extraordinary products to the world and the newly launched Cyberquad is one of those products. Therefore, the launch of this vehicle must be read by Musk and automobile fans. Is Tesla the only creator of the Cyberquad? The all-new Cyberquad that carries the Tesla badging is not solely made by Tesla. It has been made in a partnership with Radio Flyer, a renowned toy making company that makes battery operated small vehicles for kids. Apart from the Cyberquad, Radio Flyer has earlier made the Model S and Model Y for kids. While the Cyberquad has gone out of stock, the other two mentioned models are available on Radio Flyer’s official website. The Cyberquad features certain elements that are also found on the Cybertruck Since the Cyberquad has taken inspiration from the Cybertruck, the ATV for kids features several elements that were seen on the truck when it was unveiled. Like the truck, the quad has a full steel frame, LED light bars and a fully adjustable suspension. Not to forget, the seats are well cushioned, which hints at a comfortable off-roading experience. Also, the rear tyres are coupled with disc brakes. The ATV is a toy with impressive numbers Honestly, we are impressed with the numbers that the quad can achieve. It has a top speed of 10 miles per hour that is achieved from a 36V lithium-ion battery pack. Not to overlook, there is a reverse mode that has a top speed of eight miles per hour, along with a maximum riding range of 15 miles when the quad is fully charged. Last but not the least, it takes five hours to reach 100 per cent charge.