Countries That Picked-up Maximum F1 Titles

Formula One has always been about the teams and the racers. However, that does not mean the world should not know about the nations with the most Formula One titles

Unlike the FIFA World Club or Cricket World Cup, Formula One is not about nations battling each other out. Indeed, the racers represent their countries, but Formula One is slightly a bit more about the teams. The constructors, the engine providers, the chassis makers and more. However, that does not mean the world should not be aware of the nations with maximum Formula One titles.

Why is this article relevant?

Formula One is an expensive sport and to reach that stage, a racer has to go through several obstacles. From excellent mentors to great racetracks and brilliant machines, countries with such facilities help the racers turn into legends. Therefore, it is important to know and thank the countries and their infrastructure/resources. After all, without proper support and guidance, no one can reach Formula Three, forget Formula One.

The United Kingdom leads the race

The United Kingdom leads the pack with 20 drivers’ championship titles. Since the sport’s inception, the country has given birth to 10 F1 world champions. Not to forget, the first F1 race was held at the Silverstone Grand Prix. Out of 20 titles, seven belongs to Hamilton whereas the rest were picked up by Stewart, Clark, Graham Hill, Button, Hawthorn, Damon Hill, Hunt, Mansell and John Surtees.

Germany holds the second position

After the UK, it is Germany with 12 titles. Since 1950, the country has given only three F1 championship winners. Out of three, one is an absolute legend named Michael Schumacher; a former F1 wizard with seven F1 titles. After him, Vettel picked up four titles, whereas Nico Rosberg secured one title in 2016 by defeating Lewis Hamilton.

Brazil, the country that was put on the F1 map by Senna

Brazil has eight titles from three races. Nelson Piquet won three and Fittipaldi picked up two. Both the racers are legends of the sport and were responsible for bringing laurels to Brazil. However, it was Ayrton Senna’saggressive and charismatic personality that fixed Brazil on the map of F1. Senna won three titles and he probably would have won more had he not lost his life in that tragic accident.

Last but not the least, Argentina deserves an honourable mention because the country produced only one F1 champion (Juan Manuel Fangio) who picked up five F1 titles.

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