Common skincare mistakes you need to avoid right now

We all want to improve our skin but end up making a plenty of mistakes that actually harm our skin.

Doing every possible thing to improve the skin quality but still not getting positive results? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. We all make a lot of skincare mistakes in our daily lifestyle without even considering the disastrous consequences. So here, let’s take a look at the most common skincare mistakes which you need to avoid right now.

  1. Washing face too often or too less: Anything excessive or less is bad and this applies here too. When you wash your face too often, it removes all of skin’s natural oils and makes your skin dry. Also, if you don’t wash your face, it ends up being dirty and causes acne. So, wash your face twice a day to keep it healthy.
  2. Showering with hot water: This leaves your skin pores open and makes your skin dry, itchy and sensitive. So, always shower with cold or lukewarm water.
  3. Using chemical products: Using cosmetic products that are loaded with chemical ingredients ruins the natural health of your skin and leads you to several skin issues. So, always use products which are free from certain chemicals such as parabens, triclosan, phthalates etc.
  4. Not taking makeup off: During nighttime, your skin produces natural sebum to repair damaged cells and restore moisture. When you don’t take your makeup off at night, the sebum gets mixed with makeup and results in clogging pores and causing break – outs. So every night, double cleanse your face and wash off your makeup.
  5. Using facial wipes: Facial wipes don’t really clean your face, they only take your makeup off. Using facial wipes removes all the natural oils from your skin’s surface layer. Also, they are often harsh on your skin and leave your pores sticky.
  6. Not using moisturizer: Wheather you have a dry skin or oily skin, you need moisturizer right after cleansing your face. Using a good moisturizer boosts your skin’s natural oil production and keeps your skin hydrated. Skipping moisturizer makes your skin dry, dehydrated, itchy and uncomfortable.
  7. Skipping out on sunscreen: This is one of the most common skincare mistakes many of us make on a regular basis. Sunscreen protects your skin from the UV ray as well as dirt and pollution. Not using sunscreen while stepping out in the sun damages your skin health and causes tanning.

Also using microbead scrubs, taking long showers, not drinking enough water, eating unhealthy foods, not washing bedsheets, using dirty beauty tools, not washing face before sleep or simply, having an unhealthy lifestyle are some of the most common skincare mistakes you need to avoid right now.

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