Common Hair Care Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Have you ever been told that frequent usage of shampoo can damage your hair? Well, that is a myth, and there are more that you should not believe in. You might know a lot about hair care, but how many of them actually work? Unfortunately, there are numerous hair care myths out there that do more harm than good. Therefore, you must carefully separate facts from myths. Read on to learn about some of the most common hair care myths about your crown of glory. Myth 1: Wash oily hair every day Even if you have oily hair, do not wash your hair every day. Oily hair is the biggest culprit behind what we generally consider dirty hair. But irrespective of how many times you shampoo your hair, the oil gland activity of secreting oil will not reduce. It is best to wash your hair on alternative days instead of shampooing every day to reduce the greasy look. Myth 2: Brush often for healthier hair It has to be the most common hair care myth. In fact, excessive brushing will cause you more harm than good. You might have grown up hearing that brushing your hair often makes it healthier, but it is now known that this may cause the risk of damaging your mane. Comb your hair gently for styling and not to stimulate your scalp. Myth 3: Cold shower makes hair shinier Well, here is the good news, you can finally stop torturing yourself with cold hair washes. The temperature of the water does not play any role in determining the shine or the appearance of your hair. If you want shiny hair, a good conditioner is the first step. Myth 4: Coloring hair is always damaging There is a half-truth behind this. It is correct that the usage of very strong dyes can burn and damage your scalp. But this entirely depends on the chemical composition of the dye and the manufacturer you are using. In simple words, every scalp is unique, and the reaction to hair colour varies from person to person. Myth 5: Frequent haircuts make it grow faster Trimming your hair does not determine its growth. While trimming your hair will make the split ends disappear, it won't boost your hair growth rate. Frequent trims can make your hair appear healthier and fuller, but it does not have any impact on the growth of your hair from the roots. If you have fallen for any of the hair care myths mentioned above, stop right there!