Classis Christmas feast recipes.

Christmas is all about celebrating winter with lights and good food.

Whenever we search for classic Christmas feast recipes, we end up with the search results showing the ones that get prepared using meat and its by-products. However, this Christmas is different because we came out with some recipes to prepare for a Christmas dinner. This Christmas, you will have casseroles, roasted veggies, delicious gravies, and many more to satisfy your stomach and mood. Don’t worry! We also have Christmas desserts and holiday drinks on the menu.

So, let’s start with the diner items.

1. Cranberry Brie Cups get served as a perfect appetiser before the delicious Christmas dinner. It is a tangy and creamy brie with a battery shell and crunchy walnuts. You can get them prepared before the big dinner, keep them wrapped and freeze them in the refrigerator. Then, serve them to your guests by taking them out, fresh from the oven or room temperature.

2. Garlic Miso rolls are other options to get soft as an appetiser for Christmas. These are homemade rolls stuffed with Japanese fermented-soybean paste (or miso) and chopped garlic. Also, Garlic miso rolls get known as an upgraded version of traditional garlic bread. In case you cannot find miso, use butter.

3. Broccoli Mac and Cheese is the first option for the main course. It is an easy recipe to serve your guest for a Christmas feast. Broccoli Mac and Cheese is a delicious menu prepared with tender pasta, cheddar cheese, steamed broccoli (to add some healthiness) and season spices. The game is to maintain the ratio of mac-to-broccoli.

4. Butternut Squash and Spinach Lasagne is another dinner recipe for the big feast. It might sound/look fancy but let me tell you that it is a simple dinner recipe that gets prepared with seasonal vegetables- butter squash and spinach. On the one hand, we have butternut squash that gives a rich texture, while spinach gets known for adding nutritional value to the plate. On the other hand, you can also freeze butternut squash and spinach lasagne for later meals.

5. Peppermint Cream Pie is a perfect dessert for winter festivals. Serving peppermint as part of dessert items is like a dream come true. It requires gluten-free crust (parbaked), peppermint custard (well-whipped) and whipped coconut cream for the toppings. Peppermint Cream pie is an easy dessert idea that looks like a Christmas miracle served on the dinner table.

These are some classic Christmas feast recipes for you to try this festive season.

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