Chris Gayle’s diminishing powers

Chris Gayle has been able to stretch his career to the hilt but at the end of the day, he is also human.

Pushing it

Not many cricketers have had the privilege of representing their country till age 42. This is something that Chris Gayle has been fortunate with.

Despite his dipping form, the West Indies were obliged to include Chris Gayle in the playing XI for the 2021 T20 World Cup.

He did not have a great competition, but then, nobody in the team did and for all he has done for West Indies cricket and world cricket over the years, perhaps, he deserved this last ICC event.

The emotional bow out

After West Indies were knocked out of the competition, following a massive defeat against Australia, this is what the Universe Boss, Chris Gayle had to say.

“It’s been a phenomenal career,” Gayle told ICC after WI’s last match of 2021 T20 WC. “I didn’t announce any retirement but [if] they actually give me one game in Jamaica to go in front of my home crowd, then I can say ‘hey guys, thank you so much.’ Let’s see. If not, I’ll announce it long time and then I’ll be joining DJ Bravo in the backend and say thanks to each and everyone but I can’t say that as yet. I was just having some fun today. Put everything that happened aside. I was just interacting with the fans in the stand and just having some fun seeing as it’s going to be my last World Cup game.”

“I’ve been through a lot of struggle. You mentioned the heart condition but I’ve had a phenomenal career. I want to give thanks to actually be standing here today, aged 42 still going strong. The career has been really great. I’ve had a bit of hiccups here and there. I’ve shed blood, I’ve shed tears in West Indies cricket, you name it, one leg, one hand, I’m still batting for West Indies. It was a pleasure always to represent West Indies, I’m very passionate about West Indies. It really hurts bad when we lose games”

Sitting at the top

Gayle has been an absolute game changer in terms of T20 cricket.

When it comes to the highest number of runs, the most number of sixes or the most centuries in T20 cricket, be it in international cricket or franchise cricket, Chris Gayle sits atop the charts and that too, by a fair margin.

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