Cheesy corny movies to watch by yourself

You are allowed a cheeky bit of guilty pleasure. Sometimes you want, nay, you need corny movies as you curl up in a blanket with your laptop after a long day. Those Oscar wins, critically acclaimed ones won’t cut it. When you don’t want to think about the dread of existence, just want to mindlessly enjoy a trite movie with cheesy lines and questionable action. You know they aren’t the top-notch movies but you crave to anyway. The movie with chips, chocolates and a tub of ice cream to give you company. Here is a list of cheesy corny movies to watch by yourself. Twilight If you say the dead romance between Bella and Edward doesn’t give you guilty pleasure, you lying. Twilight has the potential to distract you from the awfulness of the world. It’s sequels are equally good for the nights you want something to immerse yourself in and not think about later…but you will. Stuart Little Cheesy children’s film can be good entertainment. Take it from Stuart Little, a mouse with human-like qualities who is adopted by a human family. The movie has a great cast and trite crisis but you’re definitely going to enjoy. Not Another Teen Movie Before Chris Evan was a shield wielding superhero, he was a high school jock who got into a bet to turn a nerd into a prom queen. It’s raunchy and pokes fun at similar teen movies and is way more entertaining. You won’t have a dull moment. Charlie’s Angels Drew Barrymore, Lucy Lu and Cameron Diaz are the triple threat who kicks down doors, does awesome chases and trained in marshal arts use their skills to solve crimes. They are awesome, attractive and witty – a combination that makes a good movie. Final Destination The protagonist sees the future of people dying horrible deaths in an accident, throws a tantrum, makes changes in the timeline by getting off a plane or getting off a bus and now has death coming for them. Final Destinationevokes a lot of feelings including driving behind a lorry full of wood logs. Catwoman WatchCatwoman for Halle Berry who plays the feline superhero. Seline Kyle, played by Halle Berry, is blessed with agility, speed and reflexes and she becomes a nighttime superhero. Watch it because its cringe, especially now when superhero movies are ducking awesome. Deep Blue Sea All underwater action, a genetically engineered shark goes hunting for the people who captured and experimented on him. It’s all about survival with not a dull moment. Ps: the scene where Samuel L Jackson is engulfed by the shark is worth a rewind.