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Coffee! It is the saviour when you are super tired; it is the drink that draws our senses with its scent and flavour! Coffee has been a part of our lives for around 1200- 1300 years. It seems like it’s one of the most ancient drinks consumed by humans. This is why it is grown in more than 70% of the world. In recent times, the demand for coffee has increased tenfold. But, how many of us have a clue about what we’re drinking? What types of coffee beans are there, and what are their distinctive characteristics? We’ll give you an insightful look into the matter.

Types Of Coffee Beans
The first thing to note is that there are three major types of beans for coffee – Robusta, Liberica, and Arabica. There are also other varieties of beans. But these are the most common ones. The beans of these varieties can be flavoured in different ways as they are extracted and processed.

Liberica: Liberica is an extremely low yielding type of coffee, compared to the other two types of coffee.
Robusta is a type of coffee with 2.5% more caffeine than other varieties. It is quite strong in flavour.
The Arabica coffee has low caffeine content and a smoother flavour. It is fragrant and delicious. 80% of the coffee that is consumed around the globe comes from these beans.

We’ve already covered three significant kinds of beans. Now, it’s time to understand the qualities of these coffee beans based on the countries they are from. This is because a variety of variables, like temperature and height, affect the taste of coffee beans.

Vietnam – Robusta
In Vietnam, people are accustomed to the Robusta coffee beans with an intense taste. Vietnam is among the top coffee exporters around the globe.

Indonesia – Robusta and Arabica
Indonesia is a country associated with intriguing varieties of coffee. It produces an average of 660,000,000 kilograms of coffee per year. While the quality and taste aren’t as good compared to Brazil and Colombia, it holds an important position in coffee production.

Brazil – Arabica
As you may know, Brazil is among the most prolific coffee-producing countries. The main reason is that the coffee produced in Brazil is extremely delicious and high in quality. The coffee grown in Brazil is low in acidity.

India – Arabica and Robusta
Arabica or Robusta Coffee beans can be abundantly grown in India. The well-known coffee beans that are grown in the south of India are renowned for their smooth flavour.

Colombia – Arabica
Colombia is a country that claims to have the most significant portion of the production of coffee, with 810,000,000 kilograms per year. Some of the most popular coffee varieties from Colombia are Extra Supremo and Extra Supremo.

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