Chance meetings that changed our history forever

What would our musical history be if Paul McCartney and John Lennon never met? Do you believe in destiny? Or fate.One thing we are quite sure of that sometimes these coincidental meeting with two people who are at the right place at the right time can create stories. Great and legendary stories that we pass on to our future generation and everyone sits back and listen in wonder. Sir Paul McCartney and John Lennon There are certain songs and music, which become are part of our musical history. For example, if we talk about legendary boy bands, how can we leave “The Beatles” out. But that band would not have come into existence if a 15 year, Paul, haven’t attended Woolton Parish Church Garden Fete in the year 1957. Like all young boys, he went there to look for a girl, which sadly, didn’t happen. So, he settled for listening to music instead. And as fate had it, a high school band named “The Quarrymen” just was given a last-minute spot to perform. Paul was blown over by the music of the band, especially the lead singer, John Lennon. He later was introduced to John by a mutual friend, where he showed his singing prowess and was invited to join the band and rest, they say, is history. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak The legendary Apple, the MacBook, iPad, iPhone would not have existed without Jobs and Wozniak. And Jobs and Wozniak would have metif it weren’t for Bill Fernandes. Bill Fernandes was a high school friend of Jobs. Once when Steve Jobs was visiting Fernandes’s house, he happened to meet Steve Wozniak, who lived in Fernandesneighbourhood. The two soon became good friends and started working on various projects together. So, when Wozniak built Apple I in the year 1976, Jobs set out to market it. Soon after they formed Apple Computer, Bill Fernandes was their first employee. Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson When American socialite Wallis Simpson met King Edward VIII of England in 1931, little did she knew that she was about to shake English history. King Edward VIII quickly fell in love with feisty and a divorcee Simpson. When he was not allowed to marry a divorcee and a foreigner, he abdicated the throne and went on to live with love for the rest of his life. So, meet new people, keep on increasing your social circle for who knows what fate has planned for you next.