Buenos Aires Travel: All you need to know about Argentina’s capital city

This elegant Latin city is a place where you will be always charmed

Known as the “Paris of the Southern Hemisphere,” Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital city, is rooted in European culture as much as it is in its new generation of artists and tastemakers. From the cobbled streets painted with political murals to the gated mansions above top-tier boutiques, the beautiful city has something for everyone.

How to go about the neighbourhoods to roam and eat

Buenos Aires is huge in area but you can go about the place in a taxi, public transportation, or bicycle. The posh Palermo and Recoletaneighbourhoods are known for excellent shopping and chic cafes, apart from being home to the Barrio Norte and Recoleta Cemetery. Do not miss to explore the city’s impressive architecture. In the south of the city, neighbourhoods of San Telmo, Puerto Madero, and La Boca are places that no sports fan should miss. Make sure you visit the Gaucho Market in Mataderos to buy clothes, boots and typical food and do not miss the Centro Cultural Kirchner at weekends if you like cultural activities including dancing, operas and concerts.

The citys culture is like a dream

For anyone who is a lover of art, this city is a dream destination. Firstly, the Teatro Colón, one of the top three opera houses in the world, offers live shows. Secondly, you just cannot skip a visit to the Nestor Kirchner Cultural Centre, which is the largest in Latin America. Art lovers can also enjoy a trip to the Malba or Graffitimundo for the famous collection of fine art.

Enjoy the Nightlife in a quintessentially Argentine way

When in Buenos Aires, you cannot leave without experiencing tango in some form. The dance form can be enjoyed in a professional show or you can attend a milonga and participate in it. You can also take lessons for all levels of experience before the dancing begins.

Shopping your heart out!

Buenos Aires is one of the best shopping locations in Latin America. From couture to the street, there’s fashion of every kind that’s available here. Take a trip to the GaleriaGuemes shopping mall or attend the Mercado de San Telmo, which offers a wonderful way to spend your Sunday. You can also go to the Mercado Bonpland, which has now been redeveloped to a market selling organic and fair-trade treats.

So what all places are on your list?

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