Brilliant Indian Films You Should Watch To Witness The Best Of VFX and Special Effects

The employment of VFX and CGI is still a new innovation in the Indian film industry. However, a handful of filmmakers have gathered the courage and resources needed to implement it in their movies despite all the challenges and hurdles they might have to encounter.

VFX or Visual Effects play an integral role in enhancing the visual appeal of a film. In modern times, the audience seeks an extraordinary movie experience with realistic visuals that necessitates the use of VFX. In the Indian cinema industry, the large-scale use of technology is comparatively uncommon—unlike in Hollywood—known for its extensive use of VFX and CGI, which calls for a big fat budget. However, the use of VFX in Indian cinema has gained momentum in recent years. If you are looking for Indian films to witness the best of VFX, check out these titles below.

Tumbbad (2018)

Budget: 5 Crore

Let us kick-start the list with one of the most brilliant VFX films in India. Tumbbad released in 2018, and the captivating tale follows a cursed family and Hastar—a mythical demon—who endows wealth only to those who worship him. The special effects of the film enhanced the visual appeal of the movie. The VFX crew used a blend of computer-generated imagery and practical effects to add life to the stunning visuals.

The film created mind-blowing VFX shots—from depicting a colony of rats to a life-like Hastar—the special effects blended seamlessly into the scenes, mesmerizing the audience. The most impressive fact about Tumbbad is that the incredible VFX was achieved at a budget of INR 5 crores only. Despite having limited resources, the skilled VFX team displayed their talent and creativity by delivering realistic visuals.

Ra.One (2011)

Budget: 135 Crore

Ra.One is praised for its outstanding visual graphics, and the quality of its special effects remains unparalleled to date. The scene featuring a phenomenal transformation was particularly exceptional, depicting a unique concept where virtual gaming characters use superpowers to enter the real world. This scene needed extensive employment of VFX, and was very well executed in Ra.One. Other top-notch use of special effects can be witnessed in the final fight scene and the train sequence.

Baahubali: The Beginning (2015)

Budget: 180 crore

With over 4500 CGI frames, Baahubali: The Beginning—by SS Rajamouli— is worth mentioning. This outstanding movie does not call for an introduction due to its smashing success, and it significantly raised the standard of Indian filmmaking and the use of special effects. The VFX team of Baahubali (Part 1) designed a stately and majestic fictional universe, and the audience will forever remember it for its mesmerizing graphics and VFX that went into the creation of the combat sequence and splendid waterfalls and the setting.

Brahmstra (2022)

Budget: 410 crore

This heroic fantasy movie used more than 4,500 CGI sequences and a brilliant cast. Brahmastra’s VFX has been lauded as a game-changer in Bollywood—praising the movie’s use of advanced technology to design an immersive and unique world. A massive chunk of Brahmastra’s hefty budget went into designing stunning visual effects in excellent quality, and the innovative use of graphics is worth mentioning too.

RRR (2022)

Budget: 550 crore

After the astonishing success of Baahubali 1 and 2—S. S. Rajamouli returned with another spectacular film in 2022, titled RRR. This action drama had a budget of INR 550 crores, and the film had to deliver exceptional visuals.

Thankfully, the brilliant visuals of RRR was praised by both the audience and critics alike. One of the most notable scenes is the one featuring the tiger. The employment of VFX in the film is so seamless that the audience failed to determine what was original and what was created using special effects. The VFX team’s attention to intricate details was commendable, making it visually appealing for the audience.

The Indian film industry has experienced a notable transformationin regard to technological innovation and storytelling. With the increased use of VFX technology in Indian cinema, filmmakers have succeeded in creating films that are visually appealing and stunning.

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