Brazil’s Most Beautiful Towns

An immersive experience of history, culture, arts and virgin nature


A brief itinerary of Brazil, a city that never lets go of its carnival mood.

The Quaint and Colourful Salvador

A comingling of mellow colours and diversity, Salvador is the cultural epicentre of Brazil and replete with architectural wonders. The streets are beautiful to stroll, shop from the eccentric quarters and photograph the churches, museums and art galleries. Rio Vermelho is Salvador’s hipster neighbourhood. It is a pretty amazing spot to hang out with friends and try the delicacies in its bohemian eateries.

Salvador being the capital city is replete with touristy spots which include folklore and art centres, forts, locals’ markets, throbbing nightlife and abandoned corners—Farol de Barra.

The Dainty El Bonito

The pinnacle of eco-tourism, El Bonito proudly boasts of a 76 square kilometres Serra de Bodoquena National Park rich with flora and fauna. El Bonito is a retreat into nature with its rivers flowing in a perfect hushed symphony, and quite a few also offer snorkelling.

A trip to El Bonito is equivalent to taking a plunge into the subterranean realm that shelters wildlife, crystal-clear waterfalls, freshwater havens, lush greeneries, undulating pools and shallow waterbeds that beckon to a faraway world.

Rio Sucuri certainly deserves a special mention by the virtue of its clam, pristine and crystalline water that breathes serenity into the surroundings. Macaws, anteaters and tapirs grace the world above.

Paraty, Nestled Between Mountains

Paraty is perched on the Costa Verde, the Brazilian Coast, whose cobblestone streets lined with colonial mansions, outlets leading to beaches, eateries and picturesque buildings still remind of the once economic prosperity that the town had witnessed. Pratay is comparatively touristy and pretty expensive to stay, yet is worth every penny that you would splurge. Since the town is speckled with luxury accommodations and fine dining options, this could be your last destination in Brazil.

The Gastronomical Delights Filled Campo Grande

Campo Grande is the gateway to Brazil’s mesmerising wetlands speckled by local communities, shacks and makeshift shops. The aloofness of this town dipped in untainted natural beauty has a distinct charm. If you are keen on indulging in a rustic, serene and minimalist lifestyle for a couple of days, Campo Grande is unparalleled. For wildlife photographers, the town is a visual treat for spotting wildlife in the nooks and corners is a sheer delight. Hiking options are available in ample even in the remotest fringes brimming with rich and diverse wildlife. Goosebumps, eh?

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