Bollywood Movies for Great Inspiration

We all want to be successful. We imagine ourselves as incredibly famous experts in our fields. But there is one issue. Often, we miss the mark on inspiration to get up from our comfortable beds and go through the grind. If you are like us and need some kick towards the following step, we got you! We have made a list of inspirational Bollywood movies that will move you enough and push you to the next step. Swades Swades is a hard-hitting yet moving inspirational Bollywood film. Director AshutoshGowariker has easily addressed points like casteism and social inconsistencies through his story. Swades is one of the most mind-blowing inspirational movies of Bollywood. It moves you and makes you feel proud of your country. BhaagMilkhaBhaag BhaagMilkhaBhaag is based on the genuine story of Milkha Singh, aka 'Flying Sikh' of India. Milkha belonged to a village and was once thought to be turning into a dacoit. On his sibling's suggestion, he enlisted in the Indian Army. The military perceived Milkha as a promising athlete and drove him further to address India in the Olympics. In this way, he proceeded to win numerous accolades for the country. TaareZameen Par TaareZameen Par is a wonderful tale about Ishaan, an 8-year-old kid who is deprecated and disregarded because of his inability to study. Ishaan is compelled to join a hostel. Ishaan's new art teacher sees his uneasiness and encourages him. The little one flourishes and soon starts to like himself. 3 Idiots The film revolves around the lives of engineering students Rancho, Raju, and Farhan who studies at a renowned institution in Delhi. The film exhibits the huge strain students willingly take to prove their value and how important is it to study for the love of it and not for the love of marks. Chak De! India Whenever you doubt yourself, watch Chak De! India. This film will forever restore your faith in yourself. After being overlooked by the Indian Hockey Association over and over, the Indian young ladies group gets no opportunities of qualifying, leave alone win the hockey world cup. Rejected ex-captain of the hockey team takes a risk on them and mentors them to triumph. Udaan Udaan is a tragic film that will immediately bring tears to your eyes. The film tells the narrative of Rohan and his stepbrother Arjun who are forced to live with their alcoholic and abusive father Bhairav. Rohan is expelled from boarding school following which his dad pressurizes him to turn into an engineer. Rohan is horrified by Bhairav's conduct towards him and his young sibling. They break the chains and flee from Bhairav.