Blue Java Banana- Why You Should Definitely Taste One!

Want to eat vanilla out of a tree? Here it is!

Does the mention of Blue banana seem out of the world to you? Well, it isn’t! You are just lucky to be on earth at the same time as a banana that tastes the same as vanilla ice cream! In addition to the exotic flavour, the blue peels with the banana texture are just what you could ever ask for.

Popularly known as Cavendish bananas, the blue bananas are widely grown in Southeast Asia and enjoyed as an all-natural dessert. Often compared to ice cream, it is something that you can have for maintaining good health.

What Are Blue Bananas?

Blue bananas are cultivated primarily for their taste and exotic appearance. The two species found in Southeast Asia are Musa balbisiana and Musa acuminate. Before ripening, they bear a blue tint because of the wax coating that fades as it matures. They are stouter and are longer than other varieties of bananas. They have tiny black seeds packed in the white flesh.

Why Is It Taste Like Ice Cream, You Ask?

The natural compounds in their flesh impart its interesting flavour compared to ice cream or custard. The soft and creamy flesh resembles every kind of popular dessert you can think of, making it a perfectly healthy substitute for ice cream, smoothies and sweets. It also serves as an excellent option to fall back on if you are cutting out unhealthy carbs.

Nutrition Facts-

Blue bananas are not just all about looks and taste. They have a lot to say about the nutrition value. Like its parent fruit, it has excellent fibre, manganese and vitamin B6 and C. a medium-sized banana would contain up to 150 calories, 1.5 gm protein, 27 gm carbs, 0.5 gm fat, 3 gm fibre, 10% copper, 26% vitamin B6, 14 % manganese, 11% vitamin C, 9 % potassium, 8% pantothenic acid, 8% magnesium, 7% riboflavin, 6% folate, and 5% niacin.

It also has reasonable amounts of iron, phosphorus, selenium and thiamine.

The Benefit Of Java Blue Banana Is Plenty-

Promotes weight loss-

A dessert that fills you up in just 105 calories is a dream for many. Blue java bananas are an excellent low-calorie alternative for your sweet tooth cravings.

The fibre present in the banana reaches your intestinal tract, helping you keep full and satisfied with your snack.

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