Bling Empire: Blitzkrieg of Netflix TV show wins over people

Lockdown and its aftermath have created a great upsurge of Netflix viewers for home-bound people. It has created a craze for more shows like Bling Empire which has just finished its first season.

The eight episodes of this fun-filled reality show have been most entertaining and opened a sneak-peek to the crazy life of rich Asian-American people who live a life full of luxury and drama. The ensemble cast Anna Shay, Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee have mesmerized the viewers and it created a huge viewership. Its overwhelming success has inspired the streaming giant Netflix to bring in a new set of binge worthy reality shows.

Apart from ‘Bling Empire’, there are a number of Netflix shows which are worthy of binge-watch like ‘Selling Sunset’, ‘Singapore Social’, ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’, ‘Terrance House’, ‘Love is Blind’ etc.


Season two and three of ‘Selling Sunset’ came back- to- back and the glamorous, yet strenuous life of real estate agents in sun-filled Los Angeles kept us glued to the screen. The Oppenheim Group brought us million-dollar mansions which we can dream of but can never reach.


Based in the back drop of Singapore, it is another reality show like ‘Bling Empire’, showing the lives of rich young Asians; their friendship, romance, career struggle and family.


The ‘Real Housewives’ franchise has dominated the Netflix shows for a long period of time. Of which the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ has been the most popular. The petty lives of such drama queens full of diamonds, friendship and rivalry has been mesmerizing for the viewers who love gossip. Off course, Lisa Vanderpump has been the most attraction for the viewers.


‘Terrance House’ is a Japanese reality TV show involving six young men and women unknown to each other, who are bound in a house together in Tokyo, as cameras follow their every move. It can be called the Japanese version of ‘Big Brother’ in a much smaller scale.


This Netflix reality show presents a social experiment involving thirty young men and women who hopes to find love. They take part in a ten- day high speed dating format where a couple date each-other by talking within a separate pod, without seeing each other. Next, the men propose to that partner to whom they feel most comfortable with and strong connection with. The couple then see each other and are sent for honeymoon.

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