Bhaderwah – a town in J&K known as mini Kashmir not many know about

A picturesque site to behold and to absorb the pure calm air, this town is beautiful

The small town of Bhaderwah is surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of Kailash Parbat giving an illusion that they are not more than an arm’s length away. Known as the mini Kashmir, the green hilly terrains, curve roads, farmers minding their business, the freezing stream of water are the few highlights of this town. Even in the month of June you will feel and hear the cold waves crashing through your ear.

While the site of Chenab River flowing on the side while you make way through the narrow hill roads are to behold, there is a lot more one can do here.

Chinta Valley
At a height of 6500 ft above sea level, the Valley is surrounded by dense coniferous forests from all sides. It holds a spot like the Thuba that is the sharpest point separating Chinta Nallah from Bhaderwah. You can get on a horse and ride from Baggan to Thuba on the way encountering an age-old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Vasuki Nag Temple
Right in the middleof the city, this temple has various legends associated with it. The temple houses twin idols of Raja Jamute Vahan and Naagraj Vasuki that have been carved out of a single stone and date back to the 11th century. It is some three kilometers away from Bhaderwah’s center.

Gupt Ganga Temple
This shrine is believed to be the resting place of the Pandavas from the Mahabharata during their time in exile. The temple also houses a huge rock that has Bhim’s footprint engraved and is locally worshipped. The temple sits on the banks of the river Neeru and is constructed entirely out of stone. The story behind its name according to a local legend is that the river Ganga fell on the Shiva lingam and thereafter, disappeared abruptly.

Seoj Meadow
It is adorned by a captivating river that emerges from the hills bordering the Kailash Kund and the landscape around the river will leave you mesmerized. On its western side is Seoj rivulet and also boasts of a camping ground for numerous devotees who come for the popular Kailash Yatra as they descend to Bhaderwah.

Though any time of the year is best to visit Bhaderwah thanks to its pleasant climate but you can have more fun from March to November. And between the months of November to April, you get to experience glistening white snow.

Few other places of interest allowing you to so all the touristy things are Padri just 40 km from Bhaderwah, Sartingal giving you the opportunity of trekking and Jai Valley located some 32 km away from Bhaderwah.

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