Best sleeping positions for back pain

Having back pain can interfere with our good night’s sleep. But not anymore!

Most back pains are not reflective of serious medical conditions. Instead, they are caused by stress, bad posture, awkward sleeping positions and other habits. Back pain can hamper your sleep and daily life and a bad sleeping position can further deteriorate it.

Below we provide you with a guide for the best sleeping positions when you are suffering from back pain.

  • Pillow between the knees
Lying flat on the bed feels uncomfortable? Shift over to your side and allow the right or left shoulder, along with the rest of your body, to touch the mattress. Use a pillow in between your knees. You might need a smaller pillow if there is a gap between the mattress and your waist. The pillow between your knees will help align your hips, pelvis and spine.
  • Pillow under the knees
If lying on your back feel comfortable then place a pillow underneath your knees. You can also use a small rolled-up towel for added back support. This method will help keep that curve under your lower back, while evenly distributing your weight. This reduces the strain on pressure points and also leads to better alignment.
  • Pillow under the abdomen
Sleeping on your front is the worst thing for back pain. But if it feels comfortable to you then you should adopt this sleeping position. Lie down on your stomach and place a small pillow below your abdomen and hips. This will raise the mid-section of your body. Depending on how you feel in this position, you can use a thin pillow or no pillow for your head.
  • Fetal position
For people suffering from a herniated disc, consider sleeping in a fetal position. Roll on to one side and draw up your knees to your chest till your back is relatively straight and your torso is curled towards your knees. The curling of your torso will open up the space between your vertebrae and provide relief from back pain. However, remember to keep switching sides to prevent any imbalances.

In addition to sleeping positions, the type of pillow and mattress also place a role in your back pain. You need to find pillows and mattress that cause relief to you. Consult your physician to know which type of pillow and mattress works best for you.