Best places to go around the world during Christmas

Christmas means holiday time with friends and family… But rather than celebrating at home, won't you want to visit some nice place? From New York to Malta, several places are most known as Christmas destinations. Here are some places you should try and visit during the festive time… Christmas is not just about a beautifully lit up tree or a lavish dinner; it is most important for families to come together and enjoy together. The best part about Christmas is that it extends the boundaries and is celebrated not just in one place but worldwide. Although many love to spend the festive occasion at home with their close ones, many plan holidays and visit Christmas destinations to get more into the spirit. So, here are a few places worldwide to go to during Christmas… New York How can we talk about this holiday and not mention New York as the most visited Christmas destination? Several Hollywood movies have shown us the iconic Christmas celebrations in New York. Be it ice skating at Rockefeller Center, walking around the 34th street or shopping on Fifth Avenue; New York is a must-visit for those who want to experience the classic Hollywood style Christmas. Tokyo It may not be the most heard of Christmas destination, but Tokyo is a beautiful place to spend your Christmas Eve and day. You will see some wildly-lit streets, vibrant decorations, and many events happening in this city during the festive time. This is a great place to go to if you are travelling with your better half because Christmas celebrations here are a lot like Valentine's Day! Alaska How can we talk about Christmas and not speak about the North Pole? Santa's home is still one of the topmost visited places during Christmas time. Except for the thick layer of snow and big lit-up Christmas trees, there is much more to see in this place as well! You can walk down streets like Kris Kringle Drive, Mistletoe Lane and do all the fun Santa things. Since the North Pole is all about Santa Claus, don't forget to take your selfie with the old man and include your name in the ‘good’ list! London London is another beautiful place to go to during the Christmas festivities with your family. From ice skating to Christmas markets to shimmery lit streets, London has something and everything for tourists!