Best performances of Jared Leto

Singer, songwriter, actor Jared Leto has a multitude of accolades under his name.

If Jared Leto is not dressed in an embellished lapel to accept an award or being a lead to Thirty Seconds to Mars, he is definitely out there trying method acting to take his movie roles to a whole new level. Leto set the Met Gala on fire with a decapitated doppelganger as an accessory, introduced a modern Joker into cinema, lost and gained pounds for a role, gave banger rock performances, won an Oscar and has stellar performances all lined up.

Here are the best performances of Jared Leto.

  1. Rayon in Dallas Buyer’s Club – Leto bagged an Academy for Supporting Actor for the portrayal of a transgender woman in the movie. The actor took method acting to another level. To play Rayon, he saved his eyebrows, lost 30 pounds, waxed his bodies, did intensive interaction with transgender people to get into the role.
  2. Harry Goldfarb in Requiem for a Dream – Harry goes from a doting mother’s sweet child to a man ruined by addiction. Dream’s bravura finale sends shivers down the spine and Leto still shines as the golden boy who detours to become a golden spiralling junkie.
  3. Junior in Panic RoomDavid Fincher’s classic movie has Leto as Junior, the grandson of a recently deceased millionaire, who hires an entire crew to break into the old man’s panic room. Leto’s manic energy is viral as he tried hard to be the leader of the gang. His cornrows are something else altogether.
  4. Albert Sparma in The Little Things Leto’s Sparma has long sleek hair, dead eyes and he moves about like he is levitating. His voice is barely above a whisper and he likes dark humour as a taunt for his adversaries. Leto plays the New York suspected serial killer role to perfection, alongside Denzel Washington and Rami Malek.
  5. Steve in Prefontaine ­– Prefontaine depicts the life of short life of long-distance runner Steve Prefontaine. Leto plays the eponymous hero and like every other role, played this to perfection. He worked hard to get into shape and captured Prefontaine’s fiery persona so well that when Linda, Steve’s sister, got to see Leto, she broke down as Leto was a splitting image of her late brother.
  6. Mark David Chapman in Chapter 27­ – Biopic of the murder of John Lennon, Jared Leto plays the person who pulls the trigger on Lennon outside his house. Chapman’s psychosis is portrayed well by Leto and the latter gained 67 pounds to fit into the head and body of Chapman.

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