Best Music videos from the 90s and 2000s Indian pop

Who can forget the wonderful portrayal of “The gift of Magi” in Pankaj Udhas’s classic song “AurAahista? Today’s Indian pop scene comprisesremixes and party remixes of the old songs. You even come across the flashy music video with rap and female objectification. We sure have come a long way from the classic and beautiful music videos of the Indian pop scene in the 90s and 2000, where the music videos held as much charm as the song itself. How eagerly we waited for ourfavourite music videos that were sometimes even better than a Bollywood movie. Here are some of the music videos from the 90s and 2000 that we still search and watch several times even today. O Sanam by Lucky Ali                                                         Every video of Lucky Ali songs is filled with haunting tales of soul-searching questions and search for those answers. And it all started with Lucky Ali “Oh Sanam”. A captivating tale of reincarnation, love, duty and much more. Matched with Lucky Ali’s soulful vocals, the music video was a treat for eyes and ears. PiyaBasanti and SurmayiAakhiyonByUstad Sultan Khan and Chitra One of the very popular and very well shot videos of the late 90s and early 2000, PiyaBasanti soulfully captured the trails of innocent love and how love conquered all. The best part they didn’t rush with the storyline; instead gave us two melodious music videos that created such a story arc that it wowed the audience. The majestic mountains and the pristine beauty of NauheedCyrusi were the highlights of the video. AurAahista by Pankaj Udhas This one video is most memorable for us because it beautifully portrayed O Henry’s classic short story “The gift of Magi” with Sameera Reddy in the lead. You cannot get enough of the visuals and love story that followed. It made us all crave that special someone who could do anything for love. GhamkaKhazana by Jagjit Singh and LataMangeshkar The classic and immortal ghazal by the legendary Jagjit Singh and LataMangeshkar’s music video was just as amazing as the ghazal itself. The storyline and emotions are matched perfectly with heart rendering lyrics. Every time you saw the video, you are sucked in the tumultuous emotions of lost love. So, which one was your favourite 90s music video?