Best jungle camps in India

Jungle camps are a major thing right now.

Who else wants to throw themselves in the lap of nature right now, away from the daily bustle of life? When I say lap of nature, I mean quite literally the lap of nature. Lap here literally means in the middle and nature as in lush green forests. Yes, forests camps are really hot right now. And why not? Imagine getting cut off from the world, streams nearby to dip your feet in once you’re stressed, crisp unpolluted air to breathe in. That’s a slice of a perfect vacation, isn’t it?

So, here are India’s best jungle camps you might want to think about before you plan your next trip.

  1. Nameri National Park, Assam – Forest authorities run the jungle camp here. If you’re camping in Eco Camp (that’s what it’s called) be prepared for being luxuriated with the lushness of greenery around. You can be half a kilometre away from a deep flowing Jia Bhoroli river to swim in. If tents are a bit too much for you, there are also thatched roofed houses you can get cosy in.
  2. Camp Potters Hill, Shimla – Experience the unique side of Shimla in a camp resort built right outside the city. Waking up to the sound of nature is a nice way to get up, right? Potters Hill also has sports like rock climbing, trekking. And fire off your worries at the air gun shooting range right inside the camp.
  3. Pench National Park – Is walking through a dense deciduous forest part of the experience you expect in a forest camp? Then look no. While relaxing in the lap of nature is what you’re looking for, at Pench, you will get the heartwarming welcome from the tribal camps here. From there, what you experience in the traditional tribal life, pretty sunsets and a lifetime of shared experiences.
  4. The Jungle Park, Kerala – Imagine trees. More trees. You perched atop a tree house. The Jungle Park offers such a luxurious tree house you will be forced to retire in the tree house. Adventure sports will keep you on your toes, authentic Kerala food will keep your tummy full.
  5. Ramanagara – Nearby the tech hub Bangalore, this is another marvel for campsites. While day camping is common, Ramanagara also offers night-time camping. When was the last time you saw a clear sky full of stars? Ramanagara also has multiple adventure sports including kayaking.

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