Best Games From Codemasters Studios

When it comes to creating racing games, Codemasters is one of the best racing game developing studios in the gaming universe

Racing games have huge traction in the world of gaming. Over the decades, millions of gamers have immersed themselves in the universe of virtual racing games. At present, there are several racing game developers in the world. However, in this article, our focus is only on the games brought to you by Codemasters; a game developing and publishing studio from Southam, England.

Why is this article important?

Codemasters is a subsidiary of the world-renowned game developer Electronic Arts. It means Codemasters is a trustworthy game developer and therefore; the games developed by them must be explored by all the gamers at least once in their lifetime. Since the company’s inception, the studio has developed and published several brilliant racing games. In this piece, we have listed the best ones from them.

F1 2021, a story mode just like FIFA

For the first time in the history of an F1 video game, the developer has added a story mode. In F1 2021, a gamer can live the life of two virtual characters: Aiden Jackson and Casper Akkerman. From giving interviews to fighting inside the paddock, the game is full of drama coupled with a brilliant emotional storyline. Not to overlook, the gameplay is top-notch.

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, the Marine Corps almost used the game for training

Set during the 1985 Cold War era, Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis was launched 21 years ago by developer Bohemia Interactive. However, the game was published by Codemasters. The game was so good that at one point, the famous Marine Corps thought of using it for training purposes. Also, given the traction it gained, the game was launched a second time in 2011 under a new name, ARMA: Cold War Assault.

Grid 2, one of the best car racing games ever made

Racing games such as Need for Speed and Forza Horizon are famous. Grid 2 is also famous, but modern-day rookie gamers may not have heard about this gem of a game. Launched in 2013, Grid 2 allows a gamer to choose from a wide arsenal of cars. Races take place in several real-world cities and the gameplay was realistic enough for a game launched in 2013. Last but not the least, drifting tournaments inside the game are the best.

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