Best Fully-Faired Motorcycles for Beginners

For novice riders, fully-faired motorcycles should never be the first preference. They are bulky, have lesser turning radius and are immensely powerful, so controlling them needs expertise and the sitting posture is exceedingly peculiar as well. For these reasons, it is always better to obtain wisdom on a commuter or naked street fighter motorcycle and later convert to fully-faired sport motorcycles. However, some novice riders prefer fully-faired motorcycles over every other motorcycle. If you are one of them but you do not know which motorcycle to go for, this is an article custom made just for you.

Yamaha R15- For newcomers, the Yamaha R15 could be an excellent sport motorcycle because this creature from the Japanese company has a calm and composed character. The 155cc LC4V SOHC fuel-injected engine churns out 18.6PS at 10,000rpm and a torque 14.1Nm at 8,500rpm. For novice riders, these are respectable numbers and may not be destructive if the R15 is moved gently. Furthermore, the R15 is armed with variable valves actuation, so a driver can cruise at lower speeds even at higher gears without the fear of stalling.

KTM RC 125- Honestly, we could’ve discussed the KTM RC 125 at the top, but we all know that the motorcycles from KTM are literally hooligans. The RC 125 is the youngest fully-faired motorcycle from the Austrian brand, which presents a peak power of 14hp and 12Nm of torque. We strongly believe these statistics are good enough for novice riders. Also, the RC 125 offers a single-channel ABS, so handling a rapid stop scenario shouldn’t be a dilemma for amateurs. Sadly, there’s a negative point about this motorcycle and it is the price-tag. The KTM RC 125 is valued at INR 1.86 lakh, which is a considerable price tag. Amateur riders are susceptible to accidents so think over a million times before investing such an amount.

Suzuki Gixxer SF- In our point of view, the Suzuki Gixxer SF is the ideal fully-faired sport motorcycle, to begin with. At INR 1.52 lakh, the Gixxer is the cheapest motorcycle on the list with a massive 155cc engine which offers a benign power and torque figure of 13.4hp and 13.8Nm, respectively. Compared to the alternative two models, the Gixxer has a sporty riding posture, but it’s somewhat on the neutral side. Therefore, the Gixxer is simpler to manipulate on the highways and in the downtown traffic.