Best Free Games on Steam This Year

On Steam, most of the games are quite heavy on the pocket. However, there are several good games that are absolutely free

In the world of gaming, there is probably no other platform bigger than Steam launched by Valve in 2003. It is not merely a platform, but also serves as a community where gamers across the world can play with each other, engage in discussions, watch each other’s achievements and more. Not to forget, the earliest and latest games are available on the platform for purchase. 

While Steam offers several games that are to be purchased, there are also many games available on the platform free of cost. After all, not every gamer is wealthy enough to purchase several games and run on them on their gaming devices. In this article, for gamers with light pockets, we have listed the best free games available on Steam this year. 

Counter-Strike Global Offensive, the best multiplayer FPS game for ancient gamers

If you are born after 2005, this game is not for you because you are busy with games like Apex Legends, Valorant and PUBG. However, for the old-school gamers, this was and will continue to be the best multiplayer FPS game. First released in 2000, Counter-Strike has survived and ruled the hearts of gamers for two long decades. 

Dota 2, another game that is still on fire after ages

Clash of Clans is for kids, legends play Dota 2; the game that created the craze for multiplayer online battle arena genre games. Dota 2 is available on Steam for free and it is likely to remain free for a long time. Although old, the game has a wide fanbase and several Dota 2 tournaments are held every year with handsome prize amounts. 

War Thunder, be the master of tanks, combat planes and naval ships

An online game, War Thunder allows a player to control tanks, combat planes and naval ships. After choosing a vehicle, the user is placed in a team against another online team with different vehicles. What’s the agenda? Fight! Use your vehicles, create strategies, find weaknesses and bring your opponentsdown. The game is available for free, but there is also a paid version that helps a player unlock better vehicles. 

Last but not the least, Warface: Blackout, Crusader Kings II and Apex Legends are some more free games on Steam.