Best CNG Cars in India

For those who cannot bear the excessive cost of gasoline, these CNG cars could be an excellent choice

Over the ages, petrol prices have touched the ceiling and several car owners cannot bear the surged price anymore. Not to mention, gasoline cars emit a substantial measure of pollution that is toxic for the ecosystem. Taking these factors into consideration, the automobile industry created engines that successfully run on compressed natural gas (CNG). CNG is not just cheap, but it is also greener and helps in cutting the overall pollution.

For those who are greatly interested in shifting to CNG from petrol or diesel, the list below comprises the best CNG cars one can purchase in India under INR 5 lakh.

Maruti Alto 800

Maruti Alto is one of the most loved cars in India and it is accessible in a CNG variant. At around INR 4.32 lakh, the little hatchback car is an appropriate choice for those who are purchasing their first car. The CNG variant is powered by a 796cc engine that churns out 47hp at 6,000rpm. In terms of peak torque, the engine offers 60Nm at 3,500rpm. The petrol variant of the Alto churns out the same power, but the torque is marginally higher than the CNG variant.

Maruti S-Presso

The S-Presso can be called as a mini-SUV, which is a smart choice for everybody with more baggage and people. Under the hood of the CNG variant is a 998cc engine with a manual transmission setup. The VXI CNG variant can churn out a peak force of 67hp at 5,500rpm and 90Nm at 3,500rpm. Available in several colour options, the S-Presso CNG variant is available at INR 5.07 lakh.

Hyundai Santro

After several years, the iconic Santro made a comeback in India in an all-new avatar. The Santro draws power from a 1,086cc engine that churns out 59hp at 5,500rpm of peak power and a torque figure of 85.32Nm at 4,500rpm. The gearbox is a five-speed manual setup with a forward wheel drive setting. On the rear, Santro offers a boot space of 235 litres and is truly an excellent hatchback in the five-lakh segment. The Santro CNG variant is available at INR 5.88 lakh.

Maruti Suzuki Eeco

The Eeco is more of a minivan than a car and is an ideal machine for transporting passengers. It’s roomy and comes furnished with a 1,196cc engine that churns out 61hp of power and 85Nm of torque. With manual transmission setting and a boot space of 275-litres, one can purchase the Eeco for INR 3.80 lakh.