Best Airports In The World

We all hate long layovers – it has to be the most unpleasant part of travelling via air. But, things are changing and the airports are now hep destinations themselves! Don’t believe us? Take a peek at the best airports in the world! Many airports are making their terminals a fantastic experience, adding entertainment like cinemas and golf courses, ice skating rinks, pools and aquariums, lush gardens and waterfalls, delicious eateries, luxurious lounges, and cosy sleeping pods. To have the most comfortable layover, take a look at the top airports worldwide. Singapore Changi Airport (Singapore) There is a saying that you don't need to leave the airport for a truly memorable holiday in Singapore. It features entertainment decks with arcades for video games, a pool, as well as a jacuzzi that lets you observe planes flying by. Skytrax has voted Changi the most beautiful international airport for seven consecutive years. It truly is an awesome place for a layover. Dubai International Airport (Dubai, United Arab Emirate) Dubai is super famous for its extravagant lifestyle, and the airport is no exception. It's among the world's largest airports. A fantastic destination for a layover, it allows you to do some luxury shopping at the world's biggest duty-free store (where you can purchase actual gold bars) and a 24-hour fitness centre with a pool and showers. Enjoy a stroll through the outdoor Zen Gardens with mist machines or unwind inside The Snoozecubes (soundproof pods that come with beds, music, and a touch-screen TV), or check out the luxurious hotel located in the airport. Munich International Airport (Munich, German) Munich Airport is home to an in-house garden with live music and an on-site brewery. You can visit the visitor's park to play mini-golf and enjoy free screenings of aviation films, historic aircraft, as well as an observation deck. If you're planning to travel in winter, you're in for a surprise. The airport is transformed into a festive Christmas marketplace. There's an ice rink along with a carousel and a market featuring handicrafts and hot chocolate, as well as tea and coffee. Hong Kong International Airport (Hong Kong) Hong Kong offers an airport filled with futuristic entertainment. The airport is the first ever to have an IMAX theater, an outdoor nine-hole golf course, as well as an iSports simulator for basketball, car racing, and soccer. Its Aviation Discovery Centre explores aviation culture throughout Hong Kong with attractions like the SkyDeck and Cockpit Simulator. There are even some magical mirrors to observe how you appear wearing different clothes and makeup styles.