Benefits of adding body and facial oil to your skincare regime

Get that glow on, girl!

Be it winter or summers; our skin is always in need of good moisture content. And the best way to add that is by incorporating body oils and facial oils to your skincare regime. Natural oils only help in moisturising, but are also protective, and have antibacterial qualities. But before you start using any natural oil, you should be aware of your allergic problems and also which oil to use in which season. So let’s take a look at different types of oil and how beneficial they are to your skin…

  1. Heavenly for dry skin – Are you one of those people who have tried everything yet the pain of dry skin does not go away for you? Well, start using body oils. This will help your body achieve the proper amount of moisture it needs to keep you looking radiant and skin-healthy. In fact, on winter afternoons if you apply raw mustard oil, you will see the difference and won’t even have to use moisturisers!
  2. Bye, bye wrinkles – Massaging your body with certain oils like mustard or almond will help your skin tighten up and thus there would be no trace of wrinkles on your face or rest of the body! Not just that, massaging with hot oil also helps in relaxing muscles which in turn keeps your body pain-free.
  3. Shrink your enlarged pores – It is a common belief that people who already have oily skin should not use facial oils. But in reality, oils are good for any skin type; you just need to know which ones to use for your skin. If you have enlarged pores, like many of us do, jojoba oil and camellia oil can help reduce them over a given time period.
  4. Magic solution for pimples – Another common belief is that one should not apply oils on pimples. But in fact, if used as per instructions, tea tree oil is very beneficial for zapping those zits! Apply some right on those pimples and watch them vanish. This one you should definitely add in your skincare regime if you suffer from acne.
  5. Perfect make-up remover – Yes! Take off your day’s make-up with a dash of coconut oil. It is natural and thus won’t harm your skin at all! Take a bit on cotton and even the heaviest of make-up is sure to rub off with the help of this!