Basic makeup tips for men

One needs to keep the gender away when applying make up

Gone are the days when a man applying a concealer to hide his zits was frowned upon. To even see a man holding a cosmetic item was met with wide eyes and raised eyebrows. Even a man’s skin is prone to acne and dark circles since especially they have a much harder skin type than a woman’s. And while we have so many male models always proudly slaying it in make-up, the perception of men applying make-up continues to be unacceptable. However, thanks to social media more and more men are coming out normalizing men applying make-up.

Take care of the undereye. Just as women, the eyes are the most important area to be addressed even for men. Begin by cleansing the face and enough around the undereye area. Once cleansed apply an eye gel or eye pads for a few minutes as it helps tone and de-puff the eyes. Lastly, apply fast-absorbing eye cream to moisturize the under the eye.

Applying the concealer.It is perfectly normal and gels well with men’s skin too. Remember, to pick a concealer that is rich in texture that’s moisturizing for the skin and doesn’t dry it out instead. However, it is important that moisturize your skin before applying a concealer as moisturizing the product will apply more smoothly to the skin appearing more like the actual skin tone.

A touch of guyliner. For men who believe their eyes are their biggest asset and want it to highlight at events but still look natural just get going with this trick. Draw a light dotted line along the upper and lower lash lines.

Adding a lip balm. No, a man applying lip balm doesn’t make him feminine. It is just basic hygiene to not carry around cracked lips. Since most men aren’t still comfortable applying a lip colour, to go with their bare lips it is extremely important that lips are moisturized. Always apply and keep it in the pocket.

Trim the facial hair. One of the biggest beauty assets a man carries around is his beard. While some men look smoking hot in the clean shave, there are few whose well-maintained beard is good to look at. So irrespective of the beard preference, it is important that one maintains hygiene keeps the unruly facial hair prim and proper. Use a nose or ear trimmer and a small pair of scissors to groom the bushy eyebrows, mustaches, and beards.

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