AutoComparo: V-Strom Stacked Against the Honda CB500X

Mechanically, the two motorcycles differ remarkably from each other. Not to forget, there’s a huge difference in the price-tags of the two motorcycles The Indian middleweight adventure-tourer motorcycle segment includes several motorcycles from different brands. Out of many, the V-Strom from Suzuki has consistently demonstrated to be a special motorcycle with impressive performance and a price-tag that does justice to the motorcycle. However, there’s a new motorcycle on the block, which is here to pose a strenuous competition to the V-Strom. From the household of Honda, the CB500X has made an entrance into the Indian market, which is the first middleweight adventure-tourer motorcycle from the Japan-based two-wheeler manufacturer. So, how does the spec-sheet of the two motorcycles look against each other? Powertrain- A 471cc, parallel-twin, DOHC engine which churns out 46hp of power and 43Nm of torque drives the Honda CB500X. Compared to the CB500X, the V-Strom gains power from a 645cc, liquid-cooled, V-twin, DOHC engine. Fuel Tank- Since the V-Strom has a bigger motor, it is equipped with a bigger fuel tank that can carry 20-litres of fuel. The CB500X’s fuel tank can carry 17-litres. Dimensions- With a seat height of 830mm, the Suzuki V-Strom offers a ground clearance of 170mm along with a wheelbase of 1,560mm and a kerb weight of 216 kg. The CB500X also offers a ground clearance of 170mm but it has a lower seat height at 812mm and a kerb weight of 195 kg along with 1,421mm of wheelbase. Tyres and brakes- The CB500X has a 120/70 ZR17 section on the front and a 160/60 ZR17 section on the rear. For braking, it is equipped with a 310mm disc on the front and a 240mm disc on the rear, fixed on alloy wheels. The V-Strom features spoked-wheels with a 310mm disc on the front and a 260mm disc on the rear. The V-Strom’s front wheel is a 110/80R19M/C 59V section whereas the rear wheel is a 150/70R17M/C 69V section. Safety features- The Suzuki V-Strom is equipped with ABS and traction control for safety, whereas the CB500X is only armed with ABS and misses out on the traction control system. The V-Strom features a sport riding mode, whereas the Honda features a cruise riding mode. Sadly, both the motorcycles do not feature leg guards, but they can be added as accessories from the showrooms. Price-tags- The Suzuki V-Strom carries a price-tag of around INR 8,92,800 whereas Honda has launched the CBX500 in the country with a price-tag of around INR 7,90,000.