AutoBiz: No Electric Vehicles from Czech’s Skoda for India

The Czech-based automobile manufacturer feels that the Indian market and patrons are not ready for electric vehicles

Czech-based company Skoda which is part of the Volkswagen group has no motive of introducing electric vehicles in the country of India at present. As per the company, the cost of electric vehicles compared to internal combustion vehicles is excessive in the country. The scarcity of electric vehicle’s infrastructure is another crucial reason because of which the company is not willing to introduce electric vehicles in India. Skoda firmly believes that because of these two vital factors, the Indian market and the patrons are not ready to embrace electric vehicles with open arms.

Talking to the Press Trust of India, Skoda Auto Volkswagen India Managing Director Gurpratap Boparai said, “The economics of electric (vehicles) doesn’t work in the mass segments just yet. The battery prices have come down but not to an extent where they could compete with internal combustion engine cars and that is some years away.” Boparai further added, “The electric vehicle business is not viable currently as the economics do not work. Having said that, the group is the one that has committed the most to electrification globally, and great steps have been taken in other markets. Those steps will get replicated here when either incentive is sufficient or the costs have come down.”

In 2018, the Volkswagen Group announced the initiation of the India Project 2.0 according to which the firm aspired to invest 1 billion euro in the country between 2019 and 2021 to fortify its foundation. The Volkswagen group elected Skoda to head the project and as per Boparai, the other firms belonging to the group such as Audi and Porsche would launch premium electric cars in the country. Boparai highlighted, “We will of course start this year with some luxury or premium offerings from the group, not Skoda or Volkswagen but other brands. There are a couple of launches lined up this year. It is no secret that we will have Audi e-Tron and the e-Tron GT launch this year and then we are looking at Porsche Macan.”

Last but not least, Boparai also clarified that the company did not find it wise to introduce diesel vehicles in the country that are compatible with the BS6 norms. As per Boparai, Skoda’s cars with petrol engines are entertaining to drive as they have sufficient torque and power.

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