Auto Quotes: Famous Ones from Porsche

Ferdinand Porsche; the legendary automotive engineer is known for building the first gasoline-electric hybrid car in the world

Born in 1875, Ferdinand Porsche always had a knack for automobiles, and the pioneer knew his way around different machinery parts. Porsche was merely 23 when he designed his first electric hub motor while working in Vienna’s Béla Egger Electrical company. Born in Austria-Hungary, Ferdinand chose the citizenship of Czechoslovakia in 1934 after World War I ended. However, he later turned into a German citizen.

Throughout the history of the two World Wars, Ferdinand Porsche was heavily involved in various automobile related projects. During World War II, he designed the VK 4501 tank, the Elefant self-propelled gun, the Panzer VIII Maus and the bombing system of the flying V-1 for the German side. Later on, he worked on the famous Beetle model belonging to Volkswagen and also assisted in creating racing cars of the Auto Union.

Although Ferdinand Porsche died in 1951, his sons and grandsons continued the family legacy. During his life through wars and creating different automobiles, Porsche laid down numerous quotations, and this article is all about those famous important lines said by Ferdinand Porsche.

  • “I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.”
  • “It’s not technology that makes history, but the people who invented it.”
  • “Who told you that you should use the brakes, you should simply drive!”
  • “The perfect race car crosses the finish line first and then crumbles into its individual parts.”
  • “If one does not often make mistakes, then one has not challenged oneself enough.”
  • “Design must be functional, and functionality must be translated into visual aesthetics without any reliance on gimmicks that have to be explained.”
  • “Committees are, by nature, timid. They are based on the premise of safety in numbers; content to survive inconspicuously, rather than take risks and move independently ahead. Without independence, without the freedom for new ideas to be tried, to fail, and to ultimately succeed, the world will not move ahead, but rather live in fear of its own potential.”
  • “Life itself is a race, marked by a start, and a finish. It is what we learn during the race, and how we apply it, that determines whether our participation has had particular value. If we learn from each success, and each failure, and improve ourselves through this process, then at the end, we have fulfilled our potential and performed well.”
  • “Porsche....there is no substitute.”
  • “I came into the world at the same time as the auto, if you will.”