Audi plans a stronger RS3, likely to produce over 401 hp power

Audi is planning to introduce an insanely powerful RS3 that would come promising more than 401 hp peak power. British automotive publication Autocar UK reports that the German luxury car brand is mulling the plan to bring a more potent version of the performance-oriented Audi model.

Audi Sport's chief Sebastian Grams has reportedly said that the automaker could bring this more potent version of RS3 that will get the turbocharged 2.5-litre five-cylinder engine like the current model. However, there won't be any electrification, as several of the car brand's other models have been receiving in order to be in line with the cleaner and greener mobility commitment.

Grams said that without the electrification, the new Audi RS3 would be able to pack a greater punch. “We will increase the five-cylinder for the next step. We will improve that. There's still a way to go. We have done the RS3 Performance Edition, which is faster, which has more performance, which has bucket seats, and another calibration. You can see that we will really sharpen our products in the future," he added.

It is to be seen if Audi is aiming to outpunch the AMG 45 badged compact models with the RS3 or not. The AMG 45 models come with a power output, slightly higher than 416 hp. Considering the fact that Audi is discontinuing the TT, a beefier iteration of the inline-five-cylinder engine could go under the hood of the new RS3.

Interestingly, Donkervoort has already tuned this same engine for its D8 GTO F22, which kicks out 493 hp in a non-Audi application. Speaking about the current Audi RS3, it is powered by a 2.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine. It churns out 394 hp of peak power in Europe and around 401 hp maximum power in the US market.

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