Ather Community Day Held Today in Bengaluru; Scooters Updated With Several New Colours and Features

In Bengaluru this chilly winter morning, Ather Energy introduced the 450X in a Ravishing Red colour scheme. 

This chilly winter morning in Bengaluru, Karnataka, electric scooter manufacturer Ather Energy held the Ather Community Day. At the event, which turned out to be a houseful, Ather introduced the 450X in a brand-new Ravishing Red colour scheme along with three other new colours such as Cosmic Black, Lunar Grey, and Salt Green.

Ather Battery Protect

Ather Battery Protect was mentioned in the event, which is basically an extended battery warranty of up to 60,000 kilometres, or five years—an offer that existing customers can also enjoy. The offer also covers the battery with deep discharge protection and guarantees performance.

AtherStack 5.0

The company also said that in the months to come, it will update its firmware with AtherStack 5.0. The new version will introduce a smarter and simpler user interface in the digital instrument clusters. Ather will also try to make the user interface mimic a smartphone.

Ather also claims that it is the first company in the world to launch a scooter with Google Maps, and going forward, the company will introduce features such as vector maps with zooming, layering, rotating, and perspective change. Owners will now receive live traffic updates, just like they do with Google Maps.

Other features

Ather Energy also said that they have been testing the AutoHold feature, an electronic feature that will be like the mechanical brake locks found on traditional ICE scooters. Furthermore, in the months to come, the company also plans to update its scooters with cruise control, crawl control, and advanced regeneration.

Lastly, Ather Energy also announced at the event that all Ather owners who attended the event will receive a free seat upgrade, while the company also demonstrated several uber-cool Ather Energy merchandise that included t-shirts and more.