Ashwin goes past Bhajji

Ravichandran Ashwin has become only the fourth Indian bowler to take more than 400 wickets in test cricket. He is now the third highest wicket taker for India in the history of test cricket behind Anil Kumble and Kapil Dev. Climbing the ladder After the two match series between India and New Zealand, Ravichandran Ashwin stood with 427 wickets from 81 test matches at an average of below 25 and an economy rate of 2.77 with 21 4-wicket hauls and 30 5-wicket hauls. He also received the man of the series in the two match test series -- his ninth such effort from just 81 test matches -- which is a feat in itself. Anil Kumble is the highest wicket taker for India in test cricket with 619 wickets while Kapil Dev has 434 wickets. Ashwin should overtake Kapil within a couple of test matches and then it will be interesting to see whether or not he can go past Anil Kumble or not. Ashwin's take on the milestone "These are milestones that are constantly kept on tab, it's wonderful. Ever since Rahul bhai has taken over, he's kept saying that how many ever wickets you take, how many ever runs you make in 10 years time, you won't remember them. It's the memories that matter so I want to have some special memories going forward in the next 3-4 years. Anytime pitches are being spoken about and I am asked a question, it turns into a controversy. So, I'll try and keep a tab on that," Ashwin said. "Getting down to the last session, last mandatory over, I think it's played its part, some wonderful Test cricket. The young boy, Ravindra, batted beautifully, showed great composure, Ajaz Patel with his defence. It just tells you a story. Everybody hangs in there, everybody can defend well these days, so it's not as easy as it used to be once upon a time getting these tail-enders out. Great day of Test cricket, I hope people who watched it enjoyed it. The beauty of Test cricket is that you need to want it." Ashwin needs to be celebrated It was a historic moment as Ashwin overtook Harbhajan Singh in the first test match between India and New Zealand. However, it was a little disappointing that India could not pick up the last wicket and go on to win the match. Even then, the more you celebrate the greatness of India's milestone-man Ravichandran Ashwin, the better.