Are you bored of watching the same formula-driven thrillers? Here are 5 alternatives that will refresh your palette!

Since binge-watching has been a part of the viewing culture, thrillers have become fan favorites!

The film industry is victim to following trends like any other business. Due to this very reason, there is a market saturation of the same kind of content when it comes to streaming services and major studio productions. A formula-driven movie that ticks all the right boxes becomes a prerequisite for most upcoming productions. This creates an unnecessary saturation of the same kind of narrative repeatedly. Until something fresh arrives in the landscape and breaks the norms.

In the era of binge-watching, thrillers have particularly taken hold of the audience's attention, whether it be in television series or movies. The intrigue and suspense of these plots lend them a watchability that the viewer craves, and they are made to consume all your time. However, most of them are driven by the aforementioned formula. If you are tired of the same repetitive thrillers, keep reading till the end to rediscover your passion for the genre. 


Writer and director Kiyoshi Kurosawa is well known for his work in the genre of thrillers. His reputation was built on the back of Cure. Released in 1997, this film is a great example of how refreshing a thriller can be when it incorporates other genres within it. The suspense of the narrative remains until the very last frame, and it is a nail-biter.

Tackling a myriad of themes, including the addition of subplots involving the supernatural and hypnosis. At the heart of the story lies a mystery that takes the viewers and its protagonist, a detective played by Koji Yakusho, into a world that unravels like a dream. Cure will give you an antidote to a world of films populated by tried-and-tested methods. 

Double Indemnity

From a time when the studio system ruled Hollywood came a pulp thriller that had all the elements of a classic film noir, Double Indemnity. The movie was directed by Billy Wilder at the height of his creative talents and is hailed by movie buffs as the best example of a classic American motion picture from the 1940s. The film is a well-known tale of double-crossing characters and morally dubious heroes. Inspired by the detective novels of the time, the film is a must-watch if you are looking to expand your horizons and explore the origins of the genre. 


From the mind of David Fincher, Seven was a revelation for the motion picture industry at the time of its release. This film is important for several reasons, one of them being the exceptional ending, which took the story to a completely different level. The film features Morgan Freeman, superstar Brad Pitt, and Gwyneth Paltrow in titular roles. The narrative revolves around strange happenings in a city that is linked to one person; the detectives must discover who the person is. However, the mystery isn’t in the who did it part of the story; the ending gives way to something much more disturbing. One of the highlights of Seven was Kevin Spacey’s portrayal of John Doe. 


Loveless, a film by Andrei Zvyagintsev, it tells the story of a little kid who goes missing. As the name of the film suggests, the narrative centers around the fact that the child escapes from home because he is neglected by his parents. For the whole duration of the movie, the audience searches for the missing child along with the other characters in the story. However, what we end up finding is much more harrowing than the fate of the child.