Amazing natural phenomenon that will blow your mind

In nature, the good, the bad and the ugly are always amazing somehow.

Sure, there are things that make people go ‘eww’ but natural phenomenon are fascinating to watch. Not everyone gets the opportunity to marvel in nature’s most creative phenomenon in their lifetime, but we sure can learn about it.

Here are some of nature’s most amazing phenomenon that are truly amazing.

  1. Russian Light Pillars – Russian light pillars are nature’s most exquisite optical illusion. In extreme cold weather conditions, plate-shaped ice-crystals which are normally present in high clouds hover in the air near the ground and nearby light reflect off of it making it look like vertical columns of light.
  2. Maelstroms – Whirlpools in the water is not a mythical thing. Maelstroms are formed when opposing currents meets each other or with obstacles to create powerful circular vortex which is known in maritime world as maelstroms.
  3. Volcaniclightning – As if volcanoes aren’t scary enough, you add lightning to it and you’ve got yourself double the scary and double the visual uniqueness. When volcano erupts suddenly and carries a lot of ash plumes and soot, the high temperature of the volcano causes atoms to split sometimes, creating the perfect recipe for a volcanic lightning.
  4. Sailing Stones –In California’s Death Valley stones seem to move on their own accord and leaves a trail mark on the dried lake-bed of Racetrack Playa. It was previously believed to be alien intervention. It was later found out was a matter of thin ice which formed at night and melted ay daytime and light winds pushing the rocks along the wet lake-bed.
  5. Sort Sol – Black Sun or as the Danes call it Sort Sol is unique natural phenomenon only to be seen in Denmark. It happens when about a million starling migrate Norway, Sweden Finland. Visible twice a year, when Sort Sol occurs, it seems the evening sun disappears behind the millions of starlings that fly in the sky at that time.
  6. Striped icebergs – Striped icebergs are formed for many reasons. Blue striped icebergs are formed when the water freezes so fast, it leaves no room for bubbles to form. Green striped icebergs are formed with water that froze which had algae in it. Other colours like brown, yellow and black stripes are formed when the glacier moving down have picked up sediments. Striped icebergs are found in Antarctica.
  7. Ice Caves – Truly nature’s marvellous piece of work. It is exactly what it sounds like – caves made of ice. Iceland is famed for its exquisite collection of ice caves. They are also called crystal caves.

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