All You Need to Know About Hero Dirt Bike Challenge

Do you have a thing for off-roading? Do you believe you can be a dirt bike racer? If yes, you need to know all about the upcoming Dirt Bike Challenge from Hero MotoCorp

For years, Hero MotoCorp has been giving its best in the world of motorsports, irrespective of hailing from a country that has little interest in motorsports. Since its inception, the manufacturer has taken part in several off-roading/rally racing events. Not to forget, the outfit has brought home several laurels.

Now, the company is working hard to find young talents from the nation who can be the next great thing in the world of off-roading and dirt bike racing. Recently, the motorcycle manufacturer announced the Hero Dirt Bike Challenge, which will be flagged off in August.

What is the importance of this article?

In recent years, the Indian two-wheeler industry has evolved at a massive pace and therefore, the riding community in India has also witnessed exponential growth. Not to forget, thanks to social media platforms; a certain portion of Indians are now following motorsports such as Formula One and MotoGP.

It can be claimed that as of 2022, several talented riders in the country merely need a platform and Hero Dirt Bike Challenge is that platform. Therefore, every motorcycle enthusiast must know about the competition.


To take part in the Hero Dirt Bike Challenge, one must be of 18 years or above. The participant should also possess a valid Indian riding license and must not have any affiliation or endorsement from any two-wheeler brand or manufacturer. Not to forget, the participant must submit an indemnity form.

Five stages

The Hero Dirt Bike Challenge constitutes five stages. In the first stage, a participant will have to fill out an online form. Once done, if the individual is selected, the participant will reach stage two. In stage two, participants will take part in a slow race and overcoming the stage will open the gates to stage three.

In stage three, all the selected riders will take on each other in a one-day off-road race. 100 winners will advance to the fourth stage, which covers a boot camp training of five days and a race. 20 winners from the fourth stage will proceed to the fifth stage and battle against each other to seize the top three spots.

Prize: motorcycle and sponsorship

The champion and two runners-up will obtain anXpulse 200 4V. Furthermore, the champ will receive a sponsorship contract worth INR 10 lakh, whereas the 2nd and 3rd runners-up will be awarded a contract worth INR 5 lakh and INR 3 lakh, respectively.