All About Sattvic Diet

Sattvic diet is an Ayurvedic eating practice. The word Sattvic is derived from the word Sattva which is a Sanskrit word that signifies "purity, cleanness and strong energy". As indicated by Bhagavad Gita, the food that a person eats directly impacts their thoughts, character, mental health, and overall health. That implies eating things that are vegan, nutritious, fresh, and flavourful. What are the Three Types of Sattvic Foods? Bhagavad Gita is part of Mahabharat wherein Lord Krishna gives important knowledge to Arjuna on the best way to avert your stress and enjoy a blissful life. One of the parts in Gita is exclusively devoted to how and what to eat to lead a healthy and sound life. Allow us to comprehend the importance of "Gunas". Gunas in Sanskrit implies characteristics of nature. There are three sorts of Gunas-

  1. Sattvic-Sattvic implies complete purity, healthy, and balanced mind and body, positivity, and serenity. This is the most elevated guna, addressing balance and harmony. This is the ideal state.
  2. Rajasic-Rajasic implies desire, passion, intensity and extreme brain, anxiety, outrage, stress. This guna addresses action and movement. A lot of rajas prompt stress, overstimulation, and overexcitement.
  3. Tamasic-Tamasic implies sluggishness, dullness, latency, lethargy, slowness. This is the base guna. It's related to negativity, shortcoming, and laziness.
A Tamasic diet essentially comprises reheated food, processed food, for example, eggs, meat, liquor, cigarettes, and so on. A tamasic human will be dull, unmotivated, imprudent, ignorant, and lazy. They will encounter ailments like diabetes, weight, and liver infection. In Rajasic diet, the most part comprises of food which contains spices and rich in taste, for example, onion and garlic, deep-fried food, tea, coffee, refined food items, sweet food and chocolates and so forth. These food sources give moment energy for a concise period, but later we get to encounter an energy low or stress too. A Sattvic diet is a purely vegetarian diet that incorporates seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain, sprouts, pulses and legumes, dried nuts, seeds, honey, fresh herbs, milk, and dairy items that are liberated from creature abuse. These food sources raise sattva or our consciousness levels. Sattvic food is cooked and eaten with love, appreciation, and mindfulness. A sattvic individual is quiet, tranquil, peaceful, energy, healthy, trust, desires, innovativeness, and balanced character. A sattvic food will become tamasic when over-processed, saved for a more time period or if it is deep-fried.