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Aerox S Launched at INR 1.50 Lakh: Price Justified for a Scooter?

The Aerox is undoubtedly the best scooter in the 150cc segment, but it is also super expensive

India has always been a price sensitive market and therefore, every industry tries to price their products as aggressively as possible. However, some foreign brands believe in offering a premium product and for that product, they charge an exorbitant amount. In recent weeks, one two-wheeler has garnered our attention and it is none other than the newly-launched Yamaha Aerox S which has been launched at INR 1.50 lakh, ex-showroom.

At INR 1.50 lakh, ex-showroom, the new S version of the Aerox is INR 3,000, which is more expensive than the base variant. At INR 3,000 dearer, the only feature the S version gets is a keyless ignition feature. So, the question is, at 1.50 lakh, is Aerox’s price justified?

In our book of thoughts, it is a resounding yes. Here’s why:

Gem of an engine

There is no doubt that in the 150cc segment, the Aerox’s engine is the best of the lot. Powered by a 155cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine, the Aerox makes a peak power of 14.75bhp at 8,000rpm and a peak torque of 13.9Nm at 6,500rpm coupled with a variable valve actuation (VVA) technology – most powerful scooter in the 150cc segment.

The beautifully crafted engine of the Yamaha Aerox

For average scooter riders who only commute to offices, this engine maybe an overkill. However, there are many riders who prefer scooters over motorcycles. For them, the engine is potent to cover long distances and therefore, the Aerox despite being a scooter is one of the most capable touring machines in the country.

Comfort and luggage space

The Aerox’s rear seat may be small and uncomfortable, but that is not the case with the front seat. For long hauls, the front seat is extremely comfortable, and under the seat, there is enough space to accommodate a full-face helmet and a few other things. Unfortunately, there is no floorboard at the front to accommodate a bag or any other sort of luggage. However, at the rear, one can accommodate 70-80 litres of saddle bags along with a rear duffle bag on top of the rear seat.

The super roomy seat of the Aerox

Feature packed

The Aerox is also a feature-packed scooter with LED headlights, LED tail lamps and LED position lights. Its dashboard has Bluetooth connectivity, a fully digital instrument cluster, an automatic start and stop system, a side-stand engine cut-off function, a multifunction key and single-channel ABS. The braking duties are handled by a 230mm disc at the front, whereas the rear has a 130mm drum brake. The scooter’s suspension duties are handled by a telescopic suspension setup at the front, whereas the rear has a twin-sided suspension setup.

The uber cool dashboard of the Yamaha Aerox

The only downside the Yamaha Aerox has is the firm suspension setup, which means the riding comfort is not up to mark. Therefore, hardcore Aerox enthusiasts are often noticed changing the stock suspension setup with a better after-market setup.

Moving on to quality, given how Yamaha products are designed, the Aerox is one of the best scooters when it comes to the quality of materials used, from the switch gear to the body panels and stitching on the seat cover. Therefore, the bottom line is that despite being an expensive scooter, it is worth every penny to those customers who do not limit their scooter riders to offices, colleges and markets. The Aerox is meant to do more, and therefore, the hefty price tag is justified.