A look at the birds and animals who thrive in monsoon

After months of scorching heat it comes to cool down the earth and gives a feeling of rejuvenation.

With the monsoon comes a lot of birds and animals who show their happiness while welcoming this season. It is the ideal time for the plants and animal species to come out of the burrow and fill the earth with color. So, here is the list of flora and fauna which are the symbol of the arrival of monsoon. Let’s find some of them in the rain of this monsoon.

The venomous Malabar Pit Viper

This dangerous species, which finds home in the Western Ghats is the first one in this list to welcome the monsoon. In this season they can be seen in the semi evergreen forest or near the rocks and streams. They can be of diverse colors starting from green, brown, yellow, chocolate and many more. Slow movement is one of its features but whenever threatened it can strike within a second. 

Purple Frog, once a year

Frog’s calling is one of the symbols of the arrival of monsoon. In the countryside it can be heard near the ponds or lakes, through which people can identify the arrival of the rain. But one such frog species is there which emerges only once a year and this is called Purple frog, an easily identified frog because of its purplish body, small head and pointed snouts. The purpose of the arrival is to lay eggs but this time is very critical for them as they can be attacked by predators like reptiles and crabs.  

Birds, who dominates the sky

Another group who love to enjoy this season is the birds. Common species like bulbul, cuckoos, robins, sparrows are found here and there; not only this, with them the aquatic birds like Pelicans, storks, herons, ducks and grebes become the common ones. When the drops of rain cool down the earth, these birds find abundance of nesting as well as feeding resources for survival and laying their eggs. During this season, collecting food like insects and worms is easy for the parent birds, as a result they delightedly welcome the monsoon.

Finally one small line for all the monsoon loving creatures –

“Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops, Let the rain sing you a lullaby”.