A food lover, here are internationally famous food festivals you can’t afford to miss

If food is all you think of, then these are the must-visit There is no greater joy in life than food. One can find a variety of food and, at times, the same produce cooked in a unique way across the length and breadth of the globe. If one was to experience every possible cuisine on earth, it would take them forever to reach a goal, as there is so much one can dip their hands into. While travelling and binging on the local food is the best way to savour the flavours, there are various food festivals that take place serving multi-cuisine spread. So here is presenting to you a list of food festivals that you can pick from when planning your next travel escapade. Pizzafest, Italy It is a dream come true moment for pizza lovers. A festival dedicated only to pizza and nothing else. This gigantic pizza festival takes place every year in September for five to 11 days in Naples. Pizza connoisseurs will find the best and classic variety of pizza at the Napoli Pizza Village. Pizza experts from around the world, especially from Italy with years and family experience, come to display their expertise in pizza making. One can relish on more than 100,000 pizzas of various kinds, such as classics Napoletana, Margherita, and Marinara. Salon Du Chocolat, France For those with a strong sweet tooth and an ending desire for chocolate, then this Salon Du Chocolat festival in France is your destination. While the French are known for their food and cheese, they also have a unique speciality in crafting delicious chocolates. During the time of October and November, this annual chocolate festival is a must-visit. The festival puts forward chocolate sculptures, exhibits, pastry workshops, and a chocolate fashion show for one to enjoy. Dumpling Festival, Hong Kong One of the newest comfort food is momos, aka dumplings. A lighter soft outer layer inside the stuffing of either cheese or vegetables or chicken, when served hot and dipped into the spicy sauce, is heaven. It takes place on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, so check the calendar. Other food festivals are Tulum Taste of Mexico, Mexico, National Cherry Festival, Herring Festival, Tokyo Ramen Show, Tokyo; New Orleans Wine & Food Experience; Oktoberfest, Bacon festival;  Vegetarian Festival; National Street Food Festival; Maslenitsa Pancake Festival, Russia; St. Moritz Gourmet Festival; Melbourne Food and Wine Festival; Maine Lobster Festival; Gilroy Garlic Festival; Giant Omelet Celebration; Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling; Wildfoods Festival, New Zealand; and Bibimbap Festival, South Korea.