A complete guide to sweater care

Here are the best tips to take care of your winter wear that can make them last for a long time.

How do you take care of your precious winterwear and sweaters?

Admit it! We all splurge on that super expensive sweater and always justify by saying that it is not a piece of cloth, this cashmere sweater is an investment, which you would wear for a long long time. But we all know, that just in one season that sweaters become unrecognizable full of pills, your pet’s hair and sometimes smells when worn too frequently. And the worst part is that when it reaches that stage, we think of donating it away when with proper care you could indeed save your sweater for not just next winter but many more winters to come. Here are some do and don’ts of your winterwear.

The general rules for the sweater that you must keep in mind

The cardinal rule that you must never forget about your sweaters is that you must avoid hanging them in hangers. Seriously, you could not do anything worse than that for your sweaters. No matter how costly or fragile your sweater is always fold it to avoid drooping and stretching of sweaters. The most common problem faced by sweaters is pilling (the formation of small pills where the sweater is rubbed against something). Though we are tempted to pull them you must use proper tools for the de-pilling of sweaters.

How to take care of a sweater made of pure wool?

Experts believe that wool doesn’t need to be washed very often, just let your woollens air out after you have worn them as the lanolin present in wool is odour eliminating and antimicrobial. To wash just hand wash, it with help of gentle detergent for woollen clothing. Avoid machine wash as it can cause your sweater to shrink.

How to take care of your precious Cashmere sweater?

As Cashmere is also a type of wool, so the method to take care of winterwear made of pure Cashmere is also quite similar. One thing to note though is to avoiddry cleaning Cashmere or any other woollen sweater as it is harsh on the wool. The best thing is to air out them after wearing and hand wash if needed.

Following these tips would ensure that your woollen wear lasts you for a long time.